The Soulstealer War series is a unique blend of epic fantasy story escapism, metaphysics and magic.

The story concept is influenced by Hoffman’s enduring fascination with science fiction, fantasy, cosmology, and philosophy. But in the beginning, it required a vivid dream at law school to birth the Realm…creativity rallying against Socratic legal precedent. For years afterward, the tale resided only within his dreams.

Then, intuitively sensing a need to alter his life path, Hoffman left a successful law practice to explore new horizons. Writing late night, after the work day ended and the children were asleep, a world evolved, the story flourished and characters blossomed into wondrous multi-layered reality.

The Soulstealer War fantasy story series is available in print and digital formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other independent book retailers. Depending upon the reader’s maturity, the series is appropriate for young adults and above. While the work has garnered positive feedback from pre-teen fans (advanced readers of Sci-fi/Fantasy), a bit more “life seasoning” may be helpful to digest metaphysical nuances.

Within this website are buried hotspots holding an original short story, and an opportunity to acquire a rare treasure. As long as humans experience time in a linear progression, it remains the most precious of commodities. As each moment is experienced once, so may each Turning see this bounty once.

Observe humbly, dream deeply and evolve!

W.L. Hoffman