If you haven’t already read the first book in the Soulstealer War series, you can get your copy on Amazon today. Installments two and three are due out in Winter 2018 and 2020 respectively. As well reviewed as the first one has been, the best new magic fantasy books in the series are yet to come.

The Soulstealer War Book 1The Soulstealer War

Book One: The First Mother’s Fire
ISBN: 978-159858-539-1 – Available Now

Unemployed after graduation, Kenneth McNary seeks inspiration on the Appalachian Trail. He never suspected that it would find him first. Ken is transported to a fairytale world by a god-like sentience and is tasked with uniting the world’s denizens for a coming war–a war with eternal consequences for every soul consumed by the Enemy. While grappling with metaphysics and the dangers of his strange surroundings, Ken learns that the few humans inhabiting the realm are meek slaves to near-immortal beings who have lost their magic. Complicating this situation is a mysterious new race of magic wielders and the reappearance of subterranean, flesh-eating creatures long thought extinct. To survive the perils and embrace his destiny in a land hostile to humanity, Ken must discover the Fire within. But he faces two problems: he is a novice pitted against masters, and the magic may kill him before the masters do!
For those desiring a further preview, you may read the Prologue and/or view the map of the Eastern Rim of Weir.
Readers and professional reviewers have warmly received The Soulstealer War:
“Indeed, it is the mark of good genre fiction that it is able to transcend its foundations and shake the very rafters of existence. Douglas Adams did it with his Hitchhiker’s Guide series, Tolkien did it with his Middle Earth, and now W.L. Hoffman has done it with the beginning of The Soulstealer War series…The Soulstealer War is a fantastic story.” Front Street Reviews
“What really sets this book off from other fantasy books is that it’s a book that has ideas…This is one of the best magic fantasy books I’ve read within the past couple of years and I eagerly await the second book of the series.” Roundtable Reviews
“Highly recommended for community library fantasy collections and for fantasy lovers in general…” Midwest Book Review, Small Press Bookwatch Vol. 7, No. 5.

The Soulstealer War Best New Fantasy Books 2The Soulstealer War

Book Two: The Splintering Realm
ISBN: pending – Expected Winter 2018

The Splintering Realm continues Kenneth McNary’s epic journey across the fantastical world of Weir. After being transported from Earth by a god-like entity, Ken has been tasked with uniting the Elder Race Tribes for a coming war–a war with eternal consequences for every soul consumed by the Enemy. To forge alliances and survive, Ken has been gifted ancient magic, but every gift has its price. As the reluctant wizard, he must face his addiction to power and reconcile his star-crossed love for Dalia. All this occurs while the Dwindling continues to ravage the Realm, the ghostly metal armor protecting him threatens rebellion, and a R’Kesh hunting pack won’t stop until his body is delivered to the Nosferu!
For those desiring a further preview, you may read an excerpt from Chapter I and/or view the map of the Western Lands of Weir.

Soul Stealer War magic fantasy booksThe Soulstealer War

Book Three: The Spell of Souldrinking
ISBN: pending – Expected Winter 2020.